Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-8-16


Ben Falcone – writer/director/producer of The Boss

Jeff Abraham – CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals

Show Topics

  • Covino upset that Terrell Owens didn’t pick up on his Deez Nutz joke setup – lost his cred over this
  • Rich’s 2nd thoughts about doing comedy this weekend – comedian Jo Koy invited him to do a few minutes at his sold out show this weekend, making excuses like it’s too far away, we encourage him to do it, there are a ton of comedians who would jump at the chance
  • Covino’s bad mood yesterday – adapting to the new computer system at SiriusXM and kept having issues, he hates change, can’t be reluctant to change in your life, he’s a grumpy Gustavo, he’s stubborn but doing his best to stay positive
  • Rich is an angry drunk (sort of) – last night we had a couple of drinks, he was apathetic towards Covino and picked an unnecessary fight, Rich is easily upset, go at it on the show, take feedback
  • Ben Falcone in studio – writer/director/producer behind The Boss, married to Melissa McCarthy, talks about meeting his wife and working with her throughout the years, coming up together, hanging with other celebrities, getting recognized by other parents
  • Update on Spot – his wife isn’t moving until the end of June, it will be a full year, passed her exam, she’s being too practical
  • American Idol Series Finale – highlights from last night’s show, brought back a lot of recognizable cast members from the early part of the series, cool performances, people that stood out, represented a huge part of our radio life
  • Jeff Abraham – CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals – company behind Promescent, a spray developed for premature ejaculation, gets a lot of positive feedback, friends with Rude Jude and he said we need to have this guy on, science behind guys not lasting long, men vs women