Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-6-16


Daymond John

Show Topics

· Daymond John on the show today – discuss Shark Tank and the investors net worth, Mark Cuban worth the most

·  Rich’s puppy adventure – his friend found a puppy left in a dumpster, what kind of person would do this to a dog, was taking care of it last night, feel like the dog got a new lease on life so wants to find it a good home, not in the market for another dog or he’d take it

· Blue Jays Game – new sliding rule aka the Chase Utley Rule, game ended yesterday on the play, John Gibbons was embarrassed by it and said “they’ll show up in dresses tomorrow”

· Listening to music at the gym – Covino’s tip that wearing headphones and rocking out to music will buy you extra time doing cardio, rich never wears headphones at the gym as he wants to hear his surroundings, baffled by this, generates good phones

· Daymond John in studio – his new book The Power of Broke, getting his start from nothing by building FUBU, keys to building a business, need to be a hustler, have to love what you do but it’s not easy, thoughts on his fellow Shark Tank sharks, his favorite investments from the show, The Power of Broke – working harder when you have something to work for