Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-4-16

Show Topics

·         Weekend Roundup – new double meat Big Mac the “Giga Big Mac”, Walking Dead finale last night (character was killed)

·         Wrestlemania this weekend – don’t understand the adults that are obsessive wrestling fans, we had a 5 year window where we were into wrestling and then discovered women, Covino’s friend Gus stuck with video games his entire life

·         Good interviews on the show on Friday – Cliff Curtis (getting excited for Fear the Walking Dead), Nick Carter exclusively OnDemand

·         Covino’s Deep thought – saw a video this weekend about the tomb of Mary and Joseph, can’t believe this actually exists, other religious facts, Covino saw the actual Virgin of Guadalupe

·         Rich’s travels – saw a guy at security who refused to take anything off, Sausage Fart boy sitting next to him, kid was eating sausage patties, had rancid gas the whole flight

·         Spot’s big gift to the show – gave everyone Trump Make America Great Again hats, they’re still the worst hats ever

·         MLB Opening Day – Mets vs Royals, Volquez wears the wrong hat, female sportscaster getting mixed reviews, people who hate on her are the same people who hate on Obama just because he’s black

·         Flying First class – when do you reach the point in your life where you fly first class, how much money do you need to do this, is it even worth it, people with money will still fly coach to cut costs