Covino & Rich Show Recap: 4-1-16


Cliff Curtis (Dark Horse, Fear the Walking Dead)

Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys/Dead 7)

Show Topics

  • Rich gets Rich Davis’d – could you handle dealing with yourself if you met yourself?,realize the things you do to other people that you hate done to yourself (just having fun at Rich’s expense)
  • Rich’s observations about New York City – tries to convince himself he likes the chaos of NY but really enjoys his new calm life of LA, appreciate something more when you experience a different way of life, Rich is given the gift of perspective, Covino thinks people as a whole are resilient and can adapt to any situation
  • D’Angelo Russell & Nick Young drama – Lakers still at odds, Iggy Azalea responds, theories that Iggy put D’Angelo up to it to see if her husband is cheating, ruining Kobe’s farewell tour because now he’s forced to address questions about this and dredge up his past with Shaq
  • Cliff Curtis in studio – getting his role on Fear the Walking Dead, being able to play any ethnicity (viral clip), Tom Cruise of New Zealand, studied martial arts, preparing for roles, learning to play chess for his new role
  • Cliff Curtis breakdown – doesn’t own a TV, great versatile actor, unique pathway to acting, Covino is all about learning someones path, Rich is all about their turning point when they know they made it, Jason Statham off
  • MLB Season preview – insert in the paper about what we can expect from certain teams
  • Making a murderer update – cell phone triangulation proves Teresa Holbach left the Avery home alive, had this evidence but didn’t present it during the trial, may be having the lawyer on in a couple of weeks
    • April Fools Day!