Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-31-16


Aimee Garcia (CBS’s Rush Hour)

Show Topics

  • Throwback Thursday – old Nintendo themes, Covino’s tricks for Nintendo
  • Shedding old nicknames – nicknames you had in your past, Snooki no longer goes by Snooki, Covino’s high school friends are old now and he still refers to them as their stupid nicknames
  • Revisit the guy who took a selfie with the Egyptair hijacker – Covino thought more about it and is very against it, Rich thinks it’s funny
  • Rich’s trip observations – he’s back east in NYC, rolled up to the city like Pee Wee Herman in his new movie, realized how dirty the city is from an outside perspective, loves the energy, studio vibes are different, everyone asks him how he’s doing, had 20 3-minute conversations all morning, forgot to pack warm clothes not realizing how cold it was
  • Spot’s shoes – when he first started with the show he wore generic “jeepers” sneakers, stepped up his game when they made fun of him, tried to defend himself but couldn’t, now he wears just as lame Skechers shoes because they’re comfortable
  • Donald Trump security “assault” video – woman claims a guard assaulted her when she was barely pushed, trying to paint Trump in a negative way and overcompensate,
  • Trumps comments on abortion go viral – refuses to pick a stance on the topic, Chris Matthews forces him, it’s not a black and white issue but he was forced to make it that way
  • Aimee Garcia in studio – actress on the new CBS series Rush Hour, has a lot of manly interests (cars and guns), working with Fear the Walking Dead’s Cliff Curtis, filming a sex scene, getting her start in acting, used to be a dancer because she didn’t think she was good looking enough
  • Sleep Number Segment – Top 5 Latinas (causes a good debate), Covino’s list is older people
  • Behind the Velvet Rope – Social media numbers are important in meetings