Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-29-16


Rachel Nichols (Pandemic)

 Show Topics

  • Spot storms out of the office – where did he go, what set him off?, was this a breaking point, things have been building up between Spot and Rich since they’re always together, Spot’s not how he used to be, is this the beginning of something else
  • Impractical Jokers show – hilarious show, may be a bit late on it because no one ever sold us on it, hilarious moments from the show
  • Matt Harvey’s penis in the news – had a non-baseball related injury, turns out he’s been holding in his urine while playing, dumb move, hilarious headlines
  • Covino doing a reading at his sister’s wedding – he got the reading and practices on air, he’s still nervous about doing it,  Rich thinks he needs a gospel style delivery
  • Clippers Game last night – Rich, Spot and 2 friends went to the game, first time at the Staples Center, Clippers are finally a cool team again in LA, number 1 team in LA, used to have a bad reputation
  • Presidential primaries – getting sick of all the buildup, so much going on and the main election hasn’t begun
  • Rachel Nichols in studio – experience on her new movie, get amazed at the sets they build just for the actors, talking with co-stars about their previous movie and TV shows