Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-28-16

Show Topics

  • Covino’s late night heart pain – woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in his chest, got his mind racing, started questioning his mortality, always thinks it could be the start of something else, guys always think they’re invincible when it comes to health problems, feels like he faced death
  • C&R hang this weekend – dyed Easter eggs and decorated cupcakes, Covino’s daughter’s friend was hanging out, having to worry about other family’s holiday traditions
  • Steph Curry popularity – asked our families over the weekend if they know who he is, not making an impact in regular pop culture, Covino’s sister and Rich’s mom didn’t know, Spot’s mom knew who he was
  • Giving someone your youth – being aware of when your best years are
  • Covino’s cousin brought home a date for a holiday for the first time, big step when you were younger
  • Age thought – who wins in life – a person who dies younger but led a crazy life or a person who lives a long and quiet life? Hard to value one person’s life over another, very subjective
  • Your parent’s friends losing touch – Covino talked to his parents about someone who he remembered but they thought he died, last generation to not be aware what happens to their friends, reading the obituaries to find out who died
  • Jon Lovitz dating someone 31 years younger – actress Jessica Lowndes, she was on our show a few years back and expressed interest in Rich, Rich and Jon Lovitz have a lot in common, we think it might be a big April Fool’s prank or promotion for a new show
  • NCAA March Madness – Rich was posting about Syracuse’s win and someone texted about “suddenly Rich is a Cuse fan”, it’s his college and he’s always supported them, doesn’t talk much about college sports, you’re always allowed on the wagon of your college
  • Covino reading at his sister’s wedding – gives him anxiety, people will expect him to be good since he’s on the radio, wants to “call in sick”, hates the serious vibe of churches and weddings
  • Dumb habits and routines you pick up from people – Rich realizes he brushes his tongue now because his friend has better breath because of it, Covino thinks of Bubba the Love Sponge every time he shaves his nuts (he was the first to convince him to do it)