Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-25-16

Covino & Rich – Friday, 3/25/16

Show Topics

  • Covino’s dilemma – got hit up for an audition with a guy who usually gives him a hard time, also has family photos scheduled today with the Easter bunny, can he make both? Should he tell the guy no or will it look bad, has been called out before so trying to make extra effort to be cooperative
  • Evolution of television and media – tech is changing so much, people don’t like big TVs or equipment anymore, college kids don’t have TVs anymore like we did, people watch shows on streaming services and don’t have cable anymore, virtual reality may be the next big thing of people watching TV and sports
  • NCAA tournament update
  • News Alerts – ISIS members killed in raid
  • Mexican Word of the Day – Chicken
  • Ted Cruz standing up to Donald Trump – Trump retweeted a derogatory photo of Cruz’s wife, Cruz calls Trump a sniveling coward, respect the move but the delivery was weak
  • Potential Ted Cruz scandal – national enquirer says he has up to 5 mistresses with 2 of them confirmed, is this real and will it get any traction?
  • Our pet peeve – people filming things off their TV and putting it on YouTube
  • Sleep Number Top 5 – Top 5 Presidential Haircuts
  • Dating on odd schedules – when you work early or late hours dating can be hard, how do you adjust your social life based on schedule, best method for dating under these circumstances
    • Quick News Alerts – guy with bionic penis, guy eats his own flesh to see what it tasted like