Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-23-16

Covino & Rich – Wednesday, 3/23/16

Show Topics

  • Phife Dawg of Tribe Called Quest passed away – since it’s a hip hop hump day, pay tribute all day
  • People vs OJ Simpson – Covino is loving the show, observations and fun facts about the trial, talk about things we missed
  • Social media observation – spot’s point about people posting about the Brussels attack in comparison to their other posts, people fishing for likes, Rich thinks people can show compassion, Covino agrees with Spot, it’s the bandwagon thing to do
  • Viral Clip – guy sings Stand By Me to Trump
  • Brussels Attack – update in finding suspects, effect on the presidential election, Trump’s point about why should we have to play fair with them if they don’t
  • Trump vs Cruz over wives – someone posted a picture of Melania Trump from an old GQ shoot, Trump fired back at Cruz even though he denied it, things getting ugly
  • Crazy poop story – women posted a story online about putting poop in her bag on a date after it wouldn’t flush, Covino finds the story gross and unbelievable, funny yet gross story. Read the story here –
  • Covino’s deep thought – saw a deaf guy working at his local trader joes and wonder if he has audible thoughts, Rich says he cant hear his thoughts because he doesn’t know what his voice sounds like, turns into a heated debate
  • People don’t know a lot of random facts like we do – would people know that Marky Mark is Mark Wahlberg? C&R want to make a bet
  • Dark Web documentary on Showtime – subculture of people online, the internet is like an iceberg – only small portion on the surface, new app where people are falling in love with an online character instead of real relationships
  • Covino’s audition yesterday – a guy told him the person doesn’t like when people use their phones, letting people crash and burn vs looking out for them