Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-22-16

Covino & Rich – Tuesday, 3/22/16


Josh McDermitt – The Walking Dead

 Show Topics

  • Rich is in a good mood – finally came to terms with his new life, realized he has to think positively, Covino goes with the flow of life, Spot’s advice – “What does it all mean” and stop acting like an insecure girlfriend, his positive attitude will only help
  • Lebron James unfollows the Cavs on twitter – petty move?
  • Time Travel hypothetical – loving the show 11.22.63, James Franco is great on the show but not too “Franco”, the girl on the show is hot, would you travel to another time period to date a hot girl?, what time period would you thrive in?
  • Better time travel hypothetical – what invention would you steal and make your own if you went back in time?, Facebook, Apple
  • Viral Videos – Wildest amusement park rides (turns out to be fake video but Covino believed it), Time Travel twins prank
  • Rich’s foolproof cheating method – overheard this from someone, if you’re up to no good just tell a girl that your married and have an open relationship but you’re wife doesn’t want to hear about it, girl will avoid saying anything, do you think this would actually work, Rich doesn’t want to be associated with this method even though he brought it up
  • Josh McDermitt in studio – talks about his crazy scene from Sunday’s The Walking Dead, characters death scenes and how they sometimes swap out the characters from the comic, being the “comedic” guy on a serious show, his now infamous mullet and how much effort goes into it, he’s now the mullet guy, his pathway into acting, being involved in radio pranks as a teenager