Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-21-16

Covino & Rich – Monday, 3/21/16


Bob Saget

Show Topics

  • Pee Wee’s Big Holiday – new Pee Wee Herman movie debuted on Netflix, C&R both watched and loved it, memorable quotes, going in with an open mind and low expectations, Pee Wee definitely got older but still does the character well, bromance with Joe Manganiello, controversy in the Covino house
  • Weekend TV/movie recap – Walking Dead was ok, no big changes, Zootopia still number 1 at the box office, new Divergent movie Allegiant was lackluster
  • Biggest NCAA tournament fail this weekend – 12 point defecit with 44 seconds left, Texas A&M amazing comeback
  • Perception vs reality of online dating – various apps out there, which ones work, are people overselling how well they do on dating apps, monogamy in 2016, is the grass always greener
  • New documentary to check out – Race to the White House on CNN, Kevin Spacey narrates and produced it, interesting info regarding presidential elections
  • Bob Saget in studio – thoughts on Fuller House, loved doing the show, wasn’t meant to be a critically acclaimed show, picked up for a season 2, thinks the younger cast is doing a great job, being single and dating, touring and doing comedy, how is comedy is perceived amongst college audiences, tries to avoid certain subjects in his comedy, had a really long career, turns 60 this year