Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-16-16

Covino & Rich – Wednesday, 3/16/16


JB Smoove

Show Topics

  • Things we wanted as kids that are lame now – Covino referred to Chinese stars, other examples – cap guns, switch combs, etc/
  • March Madness is upon us – should college athletes get compensated for playing, amount of revenue colleges & universities pull in for their sports programs, where does it all go, Rich thinks all student athletes should at least get full scholarships, pro players get a cut of their jersey sales but college athletes don’t see any of that
  • Music Game Show audition – rehash conversation from yesterday, the audition process was weird, they were curious about the show, location was like a shady prank show/casting couch, Covino hates doing things like this, spot was there and nailed the music quiz
  • C&R Music Quiz
  • JB Smoove in studio – how he’s sustained so long, doesn’t want to be the leading guy and would rather fly under the radar, comedy is about reacting to your audience, appreciating everything he’s done, not being the funniest guy in the room
  • News Alerts – pic of Cher and her 89 year old mom, Donald Trump insinuating riots if he doesn’t win the nomination, Trump might sit out of Monday’s debate, Marco Rubio out of the race