Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-15-16

Covino & Rich – Tuesday, 3/15/16


LA Clippers Dance Team

Show Topics

  • West Coast culture – Is Rich having a nervous breakdown? his friend visiting from NY pointed out he looks like he’s losing his mind, we may no longer be the coolest guys in the room, LA is the great equalizer, in NY we used to have a diversified group of friends but everyone out here is in entertainment, everyone is working on some sort of project but it seems like no one is actually doing anything, radio show doesn’t get as much respect amongst the LA crowd as they don’t understand how much bigger it is than what they’re doing
  • Covino’s emergency route canal – his mouth problems continue, his dentist said it would make him restless and irritable which it did, now has 4 route canals, mouth problems are 90% hereditary
  • The Game Show audition fight – Rich signed up for an audition for a music game show with a coworker, Rich originally asked spot but spot said that he should do it with covino for the show, prize is $25K, spot asked for a thank you from Covino, Covino thinks he was doing his job, spot said it was outside of the show and not everything has to be for the show, things get heated, don’t give thank yous when someone asks, Covino doesn’t want to be talked down to in his own house
  • Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again hat – it’s the worst hat we’ve ever seen, who would wear this hat, politics aside it’s dumb, trucker hat with rope across the brim, does he think it actually looks good, people pay for this?
  • LA Clippers Dance Squad in studio – new show on E!, getting hit on by players, drama between the girls