Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-14-16

Covino & Rich – Monday, 3/14/16


Amanda Peet

Show Topics

· Covino’s Daddy Daughter Dance – special moment with his daughter that she appreciates, he wore a bowtie, big songs of the night, his daugter’s dance moves were similar to his wife, Rich finds it uncomfortable when kids dance like adults

· Family Feud goes raunchy – noticed some of the blatant raunchy topics, used to be innuendo, used terms like “dong” and “fartbox”, mostly to get a rise out of Steve Harvey

· MLB Spring Training – caring about rosters before the regular season starts, Covino thinks people who do this are lame as some of the people might not even make it, likes to be surprised, Rich is the guy that knows the roster during spring training

· New Penis Enhancement technique – Covino’s wife sends the article, embarrassing moment for a guy, stretches the penis out by inches, losing weight gains inches, if you did this you’d want to show the world, more for aesthetic

· Rich’s car commercial – had to memorize lines about a hybrid car, had pressure to be good since the girl before him was good, pretended to be a calm young professional so he was really acting, knows nothing about cars

· Covino’s stance against starbucks – thinks it’s overrated, prefers Coffee Bean

· Billions on Showtime – guys are both watching, not getting enough attention

· Covino is skeptical of compliments – as a guy knows how to give a compliment but not take one, always assumes that people have an ulterior motive like they want something or want to bang him, very different in LA, people in NY don’t compliment you

· Amanda Peet in studio – talks about her first job, getting into acting because she wasn’t good at anything else, her husband is behind Game of Thrones and how she helped get Peter Dinklage on the show, her most memorable roles and what she gets called out for, how the latter helps her figure people out

Amanda Peet on the Covino & Rich Show