Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-11-16

Covino & Rich – Friday, 3/11/16


Alfonso Ribeiro

Show Topics

· Recap yesterday’s karaoke session during our preemption

· Importance of music at a party – our Thursday night show has music underneath, Covino says white people parties have no music, need music to set a vibe at a party otherwise it’s dull

· Bee Swarm story – at lunch yesterday a swarm of bees filled the rooftop restaurant, 1000s of bees, Rich immediately ran away while Spot stayed, Spot wasn’t phased by it but C&R say he has bad survival instincts, Rich over exaggerates this and every story

· Green Day’s Dookie – great album from start to finish, “90s Rock Friday” tie-in

· Musicals C&R hated – American Idiot because of the anti-american message, Rent because of the social messages (Spot tries to defend it)

· Election updates – Trump “taking a knee” at last night’s debate because he’s in the lead, Ben Carson endorses Trump, Hillary Clinton backing Obama, Rubio needs to win Florida or he’s out

· Alfonso Ribeiro interview – talks about getting into acting at a young age, interaction and phone call from Michael Jackson after shooting a commercial together, break from acting and then immediately landing Fresh Prince, inspiration behind the infamous “carlton dance”, lesson he learned from Yankees legend Dave Winfield, Dancing with the stars injury, his new hosting gig at America’s Funniest Home Videos

· News Alerts – Romanian woman rips off her husband’s testicles while fighting over housework

· Friend in need – guy has the opportunity to get a family lake house that needs a lot of work, but would have to sell his current house