Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-10-16

Covino & Rich – Wednesday, 3/10/16

Show Topics

·  Rich points out Covino’s facial hair – conversation about Rich being overly observant and judgmental about little things, Covino’s high school mentality about being cool in high school and carrying that arrogance throughout his life, listeners confirm or deny Rich’s habit

·  Spot’s brother the Guido Robot – C&R amazed by a video of Spot’s brother MCing at a club as a robot, think this should be his gimmick moving forward, the guido club scene in New Jersey, amazed because spot and his brother are so different, Spot’s brother calls in to comment

·  TBT – Maxim spring break – 10th anniversary of our first Maxim Spring break in Acapulco, stories of fun and hook ups from those events

·  It’s all about the number – top 5 robots in pop culture

·  Covino enjoying the people vs OJ simpson on FX –observations about the show, David Schwimmer overuses juice, the kardashians as part of the story, Travolta’s face, forgot certain facts about the trial and OJ’s life, biggest fall from grace in our lifetime – would be like Peyton Manning killing his wife

· Off-The-Air karaoke – show preempted, so we finish out the show just doing karaoke songs