Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-8-16

Covino & Rich – Tuesday, 3/8/16

Show Topics

  • Erin Andrews’ $55 Million dollar settlement – did she deserve that much, breakdown of how much she’ll receive, is there envy amongst her coworkers for getting that amount, valuing a public personality vs a private person (Rich thinks a public person has more value, Covino thinks people should be treated equally), makes people want to watch the video again drawing more attention
  • Regionally popular songs – new Pitbull song samples Murder She Wrote which was huge in NY, other regional songs (Cupid Shuffle, Darude, etc)
  • Election talk – Donald Trump’s penis reference at the debate, Stephen Colbert mocks Trump last night, Trump’s Hitler reference over the weekend, we hate the way Hillary Clinton speaks
  • New Cast of Dancing with the Stars announced – a few football players included (Doug Flutie, Vonn Miller, Antonio Brown), Covino would never do DWTS, Rich’s competitive nature would carry him
  • Covino is attending his daughter’s Daddy-Daughter Dance this weekend – she said he doesn’t have to dance to fast songs, coordinated dance, little things like this give him anxiety
  • Viral Clips/News Alerts – Cop stares at Miesha Tate’s butt at weigh-in, dad stops a flying bat from hitting his kids face at a baseball game, Colbert mocking Trump, People Vs OJ Dateline special worth checking out, National Pancake Day, Hulk Hogan in court today over sex tape
  • Kim Kardashian’s twitter rant – attacked Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz, bad influence on young women, Kardashian culture is ruining this generation, at this rate Kanye will run for president in 2020