Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-7-16

Covino & Rich – Monday, 3/7/16


Keven Undergaro

Show Topics

  • Covino’s weekend adventures – went horseback riding with his wife (Rich would never do that), road trip to Oxnard and Santa Barbara, went to a Mexican dessert place and couldn’t understand any of the items, he’s the whitest Mexican around, AirBNB experience – should inform customers of pets
  • Peyton Manning retiring – speculation was true, press conference later this morning
  • Rich’s grandmother’s observations – wants to see Trump get elected because she’s 92 and it’ll be something different, observations about the youth of today, they act entitled and live beyond their means, used to only buy things you could afford
  • UFC 196 Recap – Diaz & Tate win, crazy fight, a lot of hype going into the fight, most exciting to watch in a while
  • News Alert – Nancy Reagan passed away over the weekend, memorable “Just Say No” campaign, no other first lady has been as memorable, Michelle Obama as good at taking advantage of pop culture to spread the message
  • Rich’s weekend with his friends – had a great time, need a guy’s weekend away sometimes, observations about Dadlife – everyone uses Facetime to chat with their kids, having elaborate remote video security systems, spying on your family and kids, what would you do if you saw something bad on the camera
  • Finding a role in a group of friends – rich noticed while hanging with his high school friends there was a Spot type and Covino type, having someone keep you in line, when Covino has spot around he shuts off his brain but could do things on his own if spot wasn’t around
  • Being sexually outdated – Covino thinks that your sexual techniques become outdated if you hook up with younger girls, sexual deviance has increased due to porn, Rich thinks deviance is universal and you could handle a younger girl sexually, perversion can be outdated as younger people expect more
  • Keven Undergaro in studio – promoting his new show, friend of the show, C&R building their brand
  • Viral alert – Kim Kardashian Nude selfie trending