Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-3-16

Covino & Rich – Thursday, 3/3/16

Show Topics

  • Rich in Orlando for Mets Spring Training – flew Virgin airlines and thinks it’s the best, watched Bridge of Spies on the plane and is still upset that Stallone lost to Mark Rylance
  • Attending sporting events as an adult – always have that hope that a player or coach will see you throw a ball back on the field and want to recruit you
  • Kudos to SiriusXM – rich listened to various channels and shows on the way from Ft Lauderdale to Orlando
  • Cultural differences – Covino referenced Mr Rogers to his wife and she didn’t get it because she grew up in England, all about Postman Pat
  • Covino recommends the 1985 Chicago Bears ESPN 30 for 30 – interesting to see the personalities on that team, the Super Bowl shuffle was barely referenced, divide between Ditka and Buddy Ryan, other amazing sports documentaries (Bo Jackson, Last Play at Shea)
  • Breaking News – Mitt Romney giving a speech against Donald Trump – says he has dangerous ideas and is “not very very smart”, republican party is ganging up against Trump
  • It’s all about the number – Top 5 Best Foo Fighters songs
  • Foo Fighters breakup rumors – released a video last night after stories in the news, viral story
  • Rich’s group of friends attending Spring Training – Spot notices how Rich acts differently around them, building a camaraderie through sports in school but nowhere else, Spot disagrees and thinks you can build camaraderie through other groups, things get heated
  • Travel arrangements when you’re solo vs with your woman – guys don’t care where they stay or what kind of cars they rent, have to step it up when you bring your woman as she expects nice accommodations, guys will stay in sketchy hotel airports if necessary