Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-2-16

Covino & Rich – Wednesday, 3/2/16


Jay Ferguson – The Real O’Neals (ABC)

Show Topics

  • Covino is salty today for 2 reasons – his knees are hurting from basketball, thinks he’s aggravating an old injury, should go to the doctor, might have to do another form of exercise
  • Demanding respect from our guests on the show – want them to give us the same promotion we give them, having guests post on social media before they come on the show, Spot or Talent liaison should be handling this and not C&R, Spot’s new initiative and Tweet sign
  • Super Tuesday recap – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the front runners, Donald Trump doesn’t act like a president should act, Trump and Sanders pandering to lowbrow society and succeeding, Trump is even defending comments about his hands, spreading into other parts of life – people chanting Trump towards a minority team at an Iowa high school, the race continues to be interesting, have people call in and defend Trump as their choice of candidate
  • Jay Ferguson in studio – star of Real O’Neals on ABC, coming off his recent role on Mad Men, being friends with co-stars, constant pressure to keep working, his mother was an actress, getting into entertainment as a child, big fan of Dallas Cowboys, talk about changes in the NFL