Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-1-16

Covino & Rich – Tuesday, 3/1/16

Show Topics

  • Viral Story – Japanese “Ass Restaurant” – women place their butts through holes and guys get to lick them, is this the craziest trend?, Covino would never do something like this without knowing who it is, Rich is more adventurous but still wouldn’t do it, maybe we should do one of these in the states and bring it to Shark Tank
  • Update on Spot – still waiting for his wife to come out, he’s increasingly irritable, his new struggle is looking for a neighborhood or apartment to live
  • That’s SO Viral – viral videos to check out, cool clips from Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Oscar special, Ben Affleck smuggles in Matt Damon, Tracy Morgan stars in the Creed sequel “Clubber”
  • Covino is loving Fuller House – thinks the show is great, really thinks Andrea Barber aka Kimmy Gibbler is the best actress on the show, will probably do things after this, other shows that need the remake treatment
  • Covino has a run-in with his uncle and his friend – hilarious bit in the history of C&R, Covino’s Uncle’s voice message, he suggested Covino reach out to this guy to pay-it-forward, people saying that other people should be on our show, Covino put in a lot of time and paid his dues so he doesn’t need this guy’s help, checking with people before you give out their info to others
  • Rich is irritable – he’s sleep deprived and bored, needs to get out of LA for vacation, he’s stir crazy, he doesn’t have the same stimuli he had in NY to tire him out or keep him occupied, might be a deeper issue, needs a hobby, hate that people think he should have kids, needs to make a change
  • Pussification of America – Baltimore Orioles ban pie-in-the-face celebrations because they’re deemed too hazardous,  dad’s hanging out at Kid’s birthday parties
  • Super Tuesday – Trump still leading in the polls, John Oliver’s rant on trump, possible coup in the republican party by bringing in Mitt Romney to replace Marco Rubio, Trump too strong and will probably win