Covino & Rich Show Recap: 2-29-16

Covino & Rich – Monday, 2/29/16

Show Topics

  • Oscars Recap – overall boring show especially when watched in real time, Chris Rock’s monologue addressed the race issue, the running joke became played out after a while, cool seeing Leo DiCaprio and Brie Larson winning, upset over Sylvester Stallone not winning the Oscar, Dave Grohl covered Blackbird for the In Memorium, Rich discovers Tom Hardy, Mad Max was a big winner of the night
  • Fuller House – debuted on Friday and Rich finished watching by Saturday morning, “Stephanie Tanner’s Boobs” were trending, number one streaming show on Netflix, show has a lot of heart, it’s a great show if you take it for what it is – not a highly critically acclaimed show, good cameos from other original cast members, Covino even watched because of the hype
  • NFL Prospect Chris Jones pops out at the NFL combine
  • Steph Curry’s 3-point record and game winning 3 – he’s dominant in the game, Golden State Warriors are unstoppable, overshadowing Lebron
  • Fight recaps from the Weekend – Terrence Crawford v Hank Lundy, Leo Santa Cruz Kiko Martinez, Bisping beats Silva
  • Covino’s knee hurts from basketball – wants to check out Copper Fit braces, believes anything endorsed by a celebrity
  • Donald Trump update – he’s leading the polls heading into Super Tuesday, he started off as a joke and now he’s headed towards winning, should we be scared?, Rich overhears a guy at the gym with “insider” information about the election
  • Spot’s theory about Rich – he’s restless because he doesn’t have enough stimuli in his life