Covino & Rich Show Recap: 2-26-16

Covino & Rich – Friday, 2/26/16

Show Topics

  • Fuller House makes its debut today – article that Full House wasn’t the best show but if you enjoyed that, you’ll enjoy this show; new updated theme, Rich is excited to watch and Covino couldn’t care less
  • Rich’s night out – Covino can’t understand why Rich puts himself in certain situations, went out with an old intern to a place that’s a total scene, was tired this morning as a result, Rich is lonely in LA and doesn’t have a strong circle of friends like he had in NY, Covino is an outgoing introvert and doesn’t want to go out a lot, Rich doesn’t see anything wrong with going out otherwise he’d be bored at home
  • Covino’s lame thought – his childhood friend Barry turned his life completely around and doesn’t have time for Covino anymore so he wants to know who his new BFF is, Covino represented a chapter of his life he put behind himself where he was in a negative place, Covino treated him like his little buddy, being friends with Covino can be difficult… very one sided
  • FBF – Remembering luxury cars from the 80s – Covino saw an old Lincoln town car on the street the other day and it reminded him that it used to be the car our grandparents loved, other cars we remember from our childhood, features that we thought were revolutionary
  • GOP Debate recap – Rubio and Trump went at each other, for a candidate other than Trump to thrive everyone else has to drop out but Rubio, Rubio mocking Trump this morning, Covino said his wife was excited by Rubio’s fire
  • Tony Burton aka Duke from Rocky passes away – quick tribute to his role in the franchise
  • Friend in Need blitz – fire off random advice topics
    • guy is married with kids and wants to know much jerking off is too much
    • sleeping in separate beds
    • how often should you text your significant other throughout the day
    • new group of co-workers plays a game at the bar where they see how far they can go without being bad
    • how should you react to your boss who constantly brags about cheating on his wife
    • guy overheard his teenage son’s friend brag about hooking up with a teacher, what should he do?