Covino & Rich Show Recap: 2-25-16

Covino & Rich – Thursday, 2/25/16


RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad)

Show Topics

  • Covino getting dirty looks – no matter what he does people give Covino dirty looks, he comes off as abrasive to people who don’t know him, it’s an ethnic thing because of his look, Covino doesn’t pay attention he drives which causes a lot of the issues, people constantly asking Covino what ethnicity he is, viral clip from Buzzfeed about people getting asked about their ethnicity
  • Biggest Loser Finale – rich watched it last night and got super emotional, we had one of the main trainers on the show the other day, reveal shows always get us emotional, big weight transformations, best cry ever clip
  • Mets Gay Pride day scheduled – topic sparked by Rich’s mom, worried about the reaction from abrasive sports fans, should this be a big deal?, mixed reaction from listeners and callers, we’re open-minded but a lot of people aren’t
  • Covino steps up – arrives home to see his older female neighbor being harassed by a bunch of teenagers, they wanted to skateboard on her driveway and she said no, Covino decided to step in, related to the kids but defused the situation, didn’t know if he made the right move but Rich thinks he did, worried about any repercussions from the teenagers
  • Sleep Number “All About the Number” Segment – Top 5 TV spinoffs
  • RJ Mitte in studio – his experience on breaking bad, getting into acting and Breaking Bad being one of his first roles, having a disability in Hollywood, choosing roles and avoiding certain roles not to be typecasted, almost turned down his new movie, inspiring people for him is good and bad because he wants people to get credit for the effort they put in, loves snowboarding