Covino & Rich Show Recap: 2-24-16

Covino & Rich – Wednesday, 2/24/16

Show Topics

  • Damn Daniel Viral Video – in the news, anatomy of a viral video, don’t necessarily get the humor, new media is entertaining in 10-15 seconds, we used to make videos like this but weren’t in a world of social media or the internet, YouTube & Instagram celebrities are more popular than some actors, future celebrities

  • Covino’s disgusting gym habit – doesn’t realize he’s doing it but stands behind it
  • Friend in need – Guy is dating a girl whose close guy friends are her ex boyfriends – he hung out with them separately but didn’t know until after the fact, Covino takes the high road and said it makes you look like an idiot not to know, Rich feels like the past is the past and you should be able to do it without caring, everyone has a past, the double standard of men and women, listener calls in to clarify the story
  • Rich thinks Hillary Clinton will be the next president based on being the safe choice
  • Kesha vs Dr Luke lawsuit – don’t know who to side with, court of public opinion is worse than the court of law, one of the parties is being a horrible person, people lie about horrible stuff to get out of things, Rich had a tenant that lied about cancer to get out of a month’s rent, celebs coming out in support of Kesha
  • Random thought – inside every group of friends, one of them has tried on their girl’s thong