After you complete payment through Paypal and/or your credit card, Paypal will redirect you back to the site with your order summary. You may click the *.zip link on the order summary next to each item to download, or you can use the link that will be sent to the email address you provided. Purchases generate 1 download per link that is available for 5 days

We understand you may have purchased on the go or at work, but want to download elsewhere. No problem! You will have up to 5 days to download your product using the link sent to you via the email you provide at checkout

The album has been compressed into one easy zip file for easy download. Once downloaded, most operating systems have built in decompression programs. Simply open the file, and you will be prompted where to save the extracted files (or it may default to the original folder of the zip file). Once extracted, you will find a folder full of high quality mp3s. You can then drag the files into iTunes or any other music software of your choosing.

Each purchase is allotted one unique download link. If you click on the link accidentally, or have downloaded it on another machine, the link will self-destruct. If this happens, you do what Covino & Rich do when something doesn’t work – contact Spot. Simply reply to your order email to send an email to and Spot will take care of it

While PayPal helps you accept and send money, you wont have to setup account for purchase. Simply choose PayPal during checkout, and you will be redirected to the PayPal site for payment. Instead of logging in, you will have the option to pay with your credit card information. Once payment is completed, you will be redirected back to the store with your order summary. All major credit cards are accepted.

Glitches are unfortunately unavoidable when dealing with things on the online. If you clicked your download link and an incorrect file was downloaded, simply reply to your order email to contact Spot, and he’ll address the issue. It could be a number of issues on either end

For longtime fans of the show, you’re well aware of the release of our previous 4 Ticklesack albums. While they were all available in hard copy formats, we realize that more people download albums in 2016. Therefore, to keep things streamlined and to save Spot some major headaches, we’ve discontinued sales of our hard copy albums. All the albums are available for download in their original glory, with artwork attached. You can also download the album track listings on the respective product pages on the site. We apologize if this causes any issues, but for those of you that have purchased our albums in the past, think of what a collector’s item you possess.

As we’ve moved into the solely digital age, the ‘cd sleeve’ has become a thing of the past. However, all the mp3 files are complete with tags and artwork processed through iTunes.  This should allow you to copy the files into iTunes with all information intact, including track titles, album titles and artwork.

Our t-shirts are fulfilled by Bulldog Brand Solutions.  They can be contacted on our store page –

If you have an issue with an order, contact them directly.  If you don’t hear back, let Spot know at

We’ve setup a store with C&R branded items for purchase, with new items being added regularly. Visit our store at

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