Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9\9\20

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  • 8:05AM Name the best TV character to develop since 2010!
  • :10 AM Rich just exposed us to the best 80s Tribute video, but the 90s video is full of darker memories.
  • :25 AM Covino knows two grown men who eat chicken nuggets, craft mac and cheese, brownies and chocolate milk, and he’s very disgusted! If you’re a guy with no kids, going down the cookies/crackers/cereal isles you should reconsider life.

HOUR 2  

  • :14 AM We’re back on TV with ESPN and we’re working out the kinks. Since 2020 has been such a trash year, do you think people give others a pass because life as we knew it is no longer?
  • :20 AM Jim Carrey (Rich’s life template) once said that you should do things without your ego, like recording a homeless person as you give them food… just be kind to be kind.
  • :35 AM The Kardashian’s announce the end of an era, and you can say what you want about them but they made us watch them for nearly 2 decades and made millions doing it! Who’s the next family?
  • :50 AM Covino and Rich both have a mom update!


  • :05 AM We welcome Martin Kove on the show, and we’re getting so much insider knowledge about Karate Kid, his favorite line as the legendary sensei, his time being a western actor, the generation today, the value of Karate, and what to expect for season three.
  • :54 AM Do you give credit to those who mimic the sound of others or not?