Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9/4/19

Show Topics:

  • Back after the long Labor Day weekend Rich realizes that he is actually content with no longer being a part of the east coast madness and that the west coast has softened him like a noodle. He gives an example of the kindness level, as his wife called a rude baker while in NY.
  • Covino gives his brother advice on how to get over a breakup, go to the gym. His new found love for fitness allows him to meet a gym buddy who invites him to an engagement party, where he ends up giving a speech. Rich weighs in with his experience of giving a speech to someone he barley knows.
  • Rich acknowledges his dumb holiday moment, departing and leaving his car at LAX, only to return to the Burbank airport.
  • The guys talk pros and cons of each chapter in life and how 25-40 are milestone years. Rich’s best friend lost his dad over the weekend.
  • Carlos Mencia is here to not only promote tour dates, but he’s dishing all! The peaks and pits of being famous, discovering Joe Koy, dating younger, the experience of going from house to apartment and the effects it has on you. He also opens up about the traumatic times in life of being accused of stealing jokes and how he later sought therapy and was homicidal.
  • Ran Dumb News: Weird Al gives back to a fan, Ian Brooks hits a cheerleader, Penis Cat is going viral and social media filters relating back to George Washington.