Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9\30\20

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  • 8:06 AM Yesterday with our ESPN gig we had the worst interview we’ve ever had in our career with Teofimo Lopez. We’ve had a great convo with him in the past, so it was a shocker.
  • :17 AM The return of baseball season has gotten us fired up! Covino is still holding out for the Yankees to make a comeback after 10 years. And speaking of baseball, Covino could had experience the harshness of cancel culture if he hadn’t caught his own mistake.
  • :35 AM Last night’s presidential debate was the most embarrassing thing we’ve seen as a nation in a long time! We’ve covering it all, from Trump’s childish comebacks, Biden’s lack of spunk, what we think Trump meant by him addressing white supremacist, that they should implement muting mics etc.


  • :47 AM Rich gives us an update on his pudding farts – long story short, he made pudding pie with his daughter that didn’t work so well with his stomach!
  • :58 AM The significance of sauce packets from fast food places, what is the perfect number to order?
  • :03 AM Ran Dumb News – Covino actually used to think CNN was fair and balanced, Mike Tyson fighting Thanksgiving weekend, Pat Mahomes is expecting a child etc.


  • :35 AM You really don’t notice the resemblance in your newborns when others do…
  • :44 AM Covino is going to look at a house today that he really likes and he’s weighing pros and cons… speaking of houses, Rich finally gets his mom to move to Texas.