Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9\25\19

Show Topics:

  • Antonio Brown is going back to school, speaking of, Rich once considered going to Law School…LOL! Looks like Kim Kardashian would of had a twin.
  • Lenny Kravitz is on GMA pleading for someone to send back his glasses, that we assume were his moms…he lost them at a venue. This is a good way for a celebrity to use their power. What is something that you’ve lost and want back? For Covino it’s his old guitar, but he thinks we should all move on. Have you ever found documents revealing family secrets? Spots shares his stories as he was recently at his childhood home.
  • The LA Clippers were just seen on Twitter doing some bonding over fishing. Is team building necessary? This story get’s C&R butt-hurt and in tears as they didn’t feel properly invited to the recent company BBQ.
  • Our buddy Archie is setting trends once again in his poncho…how do you think people describe you when you’re not around?
  • Friend In Need: A guy writes us because he spotted the wife of a friend cheating two towns over…let’s discuss.
  • Archie’s lesson of the day via Rich is to not take redeye flights! “Thanks Dad!”
  • Devil Dwarf girl tricks a family into adopting her when she’s really an adult and threatens to kill them. This is scary!
  • Are hangovers an actual Illness?
  • Today is National One Hit Wonder Day, so we play some of our favorite songs.