Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9\23\20

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  • 8:06 AM There’s this kid on Tik Tok that is giving Spyder Harrison a run for his money with the countdown! @Mike525457
  • :13 AM Brother Tommy Update (Covino’s Brother) – mom is freaking out because he plans to move out soon and buy a car and everyone is concerned because he is making “new money.”
  • :34 AM Tommy & James update (Spot and Covino’s brother) they’re bonding over appraisals and ass! The big question that was posed was “what is your body count?”
  • :50 AM Don’t you hate when your parents gossip to you about your other siblings and vice versa?!


  • :15 AM Rich thinks the 3-4 year difference between him and Covino really sets them apart. They are two 80s and 90s kids. We discuss the shows that separate us and the music!
  • :42 AM Rich made a big announcement that last night “Alf” celebrated its debuted 34 years ago…
  • :50 AM Gucci is selling $1,400 grass-stained pants and everyone is in disbelief! Also, Nelly is rocking custom Jordan’s made into dance shoes and we love it!
  • :09 AM How long can you go without sex? Kevin Durant says he understands how the young guys in the bubble are stressed over it. 


  • :29 AM Beard or mustache? Gardner Minshew and Ryan Fitzpatrick trade facial hair jabs ahead of the matchup. The importance of having a beard – it can transition a guy into a wiener to a stud.
  • :45 AM Friend In Need – A guy writes asking if he got the official boot from his friend group… he gives examples of why this could be, but needs confirmation.