Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9\18\19

Show Topics:

  • Everyone sucks is the energy that Covino is on today! For what reason, we aren’t sure.
  • Sophisticated Steve is here for the hour, because we’re more “mature.”
  • Crazy Chicks! Let’s talk about guys and girls that have one thing going, and not the other. You’ll never find a great face, fat back and a great set of Jubbos. Where do you fall on the “hot crazy scale?”
  • Today again, we’re Spotless and his wife called in sick for him, what’s up with that?
  • Ran Dumb News: Saved By The Bell reboot, Contra, New Bachelor etc.
  • Covino has no time to visit his sister, but loves that she is always so consistent with asking, will there ever be time to visit Germany?
  • The road trip is coming up and we’re happy, but as a single dad, Covino thinks about his responsibilities at home. Cashing in on favors, resentment and co-parenting…it’s nothing new, but the guys don’t see eye to eye on this one.
  • How do we feel about Colin Kaepernick? Should he get back on the field?
  • For all those single guys out there, you should certainly pay for the dating apps, why not?! But maybe stay off of “Black People Meat.”
  • Rich is on a roll with saving the world this week, he has another great idea for how to meet people at a bar and it could be the future.