Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9\16\20

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  • 8:04AM It looks like the Nuggets did all the dirty work for the Lakers and Rich won $500 off a $200 bet that he forgot about.
  • :17 AM Covino has news of a local fallen hero. A guy on his former high school sports team passed away from a combination of cancer and corona. Although they weren’t best friends, this guy was the father figure of the team. Covino remembers his “golden-boy promotion” days, promoting the school fights and this guy would shut it down. What is our destiny, if life takes out the best of the best?
  • :39 AM Based off the Netflix show “Away,” would you give up three years of life for a Mars Mission to go down in history?
  • :53 AM Carole Baskin on Dancing with The Stars has some asking who she is, this only proves that not everyone is in the know.


  • :07 AM Jessica Alba is here on the show talking about her family road trip and why it’s the worst idea; the love of watching HGTV and how she has plans to remodel her parents home soon; her dancing moves on social media and how she manages it with having impressionable kids; what business is more lucrative, acting or her ‘Honest’ brand; what type of boss she likes to be; and the season 2 premiere of “LA’s Finest”
  • :40 AM What we learned from Jessica Alba and recent guest is that we need to step up our video background setup.
  • :50 AM Life update on Spot’s car… basically it’s still not operating right so after the next tune up, hopefully it works!


  • :03 AM Dane Cook joins us with talks of his new project ‘The virtual table read;’ taking a look at the past; his time working in dark films; his thoughts on the brilliance of social media within the comedy industry; and he teases the new special being the best!
  • :42 AM Rich gives us a life update on the house him and the wife love! They made an offer more than asking and wrote a letter, in an attempt to outbid the all cash offer. The kicker is, the house has a missing legal permit on a section of the houses square footage… should he continue to get involved?