Covino & Rich— Wednesday 9\11\19

Show Topics:

  • For the first time in his life, Rich experienced major rude behavior with traffic, some guy wouldn’t let him merge over. This becomes a huge deal!
  • Quick TV update, Rich watched Bill Burr’s comedy special and thought it was great but realized sensitive people aren’t going to be happy; and Covino tuned into their ESPN show to make sure they look like stud muffins.
  • Antonio Brown is a new hot topic because of his sexual relations cases, let’s discuss.
  • We get a millennial review from Archie on how the whole Monica Lewinsky situation went down, and trust us, his take is funny!
  • Today we remember 9\11 and the lives lost and how close Covino was tied to the tragedy, and we can’t believe it was 18 years ago.
  • A Howard Stern conversation about expenses has us talking about Gucci belts and putting into perspective what really matters when it comes to material goods.
  • Yikes! Covino had a awkward hallway run-in with a New York employee because of a window glare and yes, the story involves race, just wait until you hear his justification…
  • Kim Kardashian made 2 million dollars in 1 minute from her new “Skims” line, and the product looks good!
  • How much time do you spend watching porn? Well, if you want to break that habit there is a new accountability system.