Covino & Rich— Wednesday 8\5\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:14 AM Weird dreams: Rich had a dream he was in jail and Covino had a dream about packing up his college dorm room. Covino woke up from his dream humming a mystery arcade game theme song. Caller Matt solved the mystery…The song was from the old Popeye game.
  • :33 AM Spot said both Covino and Rich were dummies for not picking up on the fact that Greg Grunberg’s cool arcade themed office was a Zoom background. 
  • :40 AM Growing up the thing that made Covino the cool kid in town was his Matt Mania arcade game in his garage.
  • :46 AM Topics about our life we’ve never talked about on the show: Covino has always wanted a bonsai tree, Rich has trauma from the one day he went to summer camp, and Spot hates skiing. 
  • :03 AM Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon…The videos of the explosion are insane! Imagine if we had smartphones during 911.


  • :25 AM  Which song of 2020 do you like better?…’Volcano Man’ or ‘I Saw Tigers.’
  • :27 AM People who reverse into parking spots or park right in front of your house think they’re better than everyone else.
  • :50 AM The guy who works in Rich’s building is the most liked guy in the neighborhood and knows everyone in the building… One time Spot borrowed Rich’s car and the guy thought Rich had really let himself go.
  • :53 AM Today is the first day that Covino and Spot’s brother are working together!

  • :03 AM Men who are 40 now vs. 40 back then…There’s a side by side photo of Tom Brady at 40 and George Blanda at 40 and the difference is wild.


  • :20 AM Think before you post: People feel justified in posting and pointing out Trump and Biden’s missteps.
  • :35 Should Trump and Biden debate?…Will a debate sway anyone at this point?
  • :40 AM Rich watched Property Brothers last night…You can’t watch an episode and not see how it ends…People are addicted to HGTV and the Food Network because of the pay off. 
  • :43 AM Spot proposed buying a 2010 convertible Mini Cooper…His plan is to keep it for a year then sell it.