Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 8/21/19

Show Topics:

  • In honor of Yesterday’s National Radio Day, Covino acknowledges his journey and states the greatest thing ever done was “sticking with it,” so many others gave up on radio, but riding the wave of radio has provided a great life for Rich and he. Rich, or shall we say ‘Richie the Bull’ relives many moments of his New York on air days. The best part of reliving the past is Covino reenacting the moment him and Rich met at a bar for a live broadcast.
  • If Archie keeps it up, C&R will start managing his music career, today he      blesses us with Whitney Houston tunes.
  • Not any recent news, but just to point it out again, Rich is a very cheap guy! He rather buy off Facebook and wait 7 months and pay $80 over the $300 and have it instantly. Covino stresses that he is probably the only guy who can make big purchases like such, yet he’s so cheap. This takes us to the luxuries that children have, Covino’s daughter Melody is back in school and is already complaining about getting a new phone like the other kids.
  • The guys favorite show now is the Bachelor in Paradise, and there was headlining news of the first bisexual person on the show. A girl dumped a guy on TV for her girlfriend back home. Do you understand bisexuality or is it just greed?
  • Larry King is at it again, the 7th divorce. There comes a time, maybe after the 3rd divorce where you should just stop getting married…
  • There’s a new finding that scientist can now tell you if you’ll die within the next ten years of natural causes, the guys weigh in on this and the importance of health.