Covino & Rich— Wednesday 8\19\20

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  • 8:05 AM Shout out to our In-Studio Producer, Nico but for some reason he gives therapist vibes from Mrs. Doubtfire because he isn’t impressed by us. What makes him laugh?
  • :24 AM How Worried Should Lakers Be After Game 1 Loss to Portland? Speaking of basketball, there’s a new video that shows a cop was clearly the aggressor in incident with Raptors president Masai Ujiri.
  • :32 AM Girl goes on the record via a podcast to say that she once had sex with 7 members of the Phoenix Suns. What’s one thing you did that you regret while having low self-esteem? Are women more horny than ever or more open about it?


  • :42 AM Covino’s new neighbor raises question as we’ve seen four dudes leaving with a mattress on the floor… it’s giving major porn vibes but apparently she just moved in and needed help…
  • :46 AM Spot’s garage camera has brought many things to his attention and he feels sorry for his neighbor who hibernates in the garage sometimes.
  • :49 AM 25 Years ago today was Mike Tyson’s return to boxing as he beat Peter McNeeley.


  • :14 AM Michael Rapaport on the show – he talks growing up and the love for New Edition, being an actor vs a pop culture commentator, he tells the story of how he saved a flight from a crazy person, his political views and his special airing tomorrow.
  • :50 AM When it comes to voting do we vote for ourselves or for the betterment of the country?!