Covino & Rich— Wednesday 8\12\20

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  • 8:04 AM Rich got a new Starbucks drink that cost $1.50 less than his regular. Covino substituted his Quest protein bars for Kirkland brand. When shopping, do you opt for the generic over name brands, if so, on what items?
  • :31 AM Sen. Kamala Harris has been named as Biden’s VP pick, what are you feelings? For the folks that will vote for Trump, they’ll probably be hush-hush this time around because it’s greatly associated with being racist.
  • :46 AM RIP to wrestler Kamala Harris that will forever fade into the background now that the VP nominee will dominate the google search.
  • :03 AM Covino almost set his house on fire last night cooking, having to call his dad to resolve the issue and Spot scolds him for being a 40 year old guy and not knowing the baking soda trick.


  • :25 AM Listener wants our help in deciding if he is a d*ck. His neighbor who is normally a jerk left all his car windows down during a rainstorm and didn’t tell him. Is he a d*ck?
  • :34 AM Covino also shares his stories with his nasty neighbor who is very suspect and takes up four parking spots in the garage.
  • :45 AM Rich remembers touring apartments when moving to LA and now comparing it to him house hunting, discussing the proper way to get a feel for the potential environment.  


  • :19 AM Ran Dumb News – Justin Timberlake signs infinitely contract to save marriage, do you believe the #FreeBritney campaign, the biggest community where creep stories have come out of is the comedy scene, Blockbuster is now an AirBNB etc.
  • :40 AM Going to old places that previously were our stomping grounds now being turned into a movie theater etc. is so crushing.
  • :45 AM Friend In Need – Why is love not enough? Why does stability outweigh love? A guy was dumped because he couldn’t get on the right foot with work, changing often and finding his passion, meanwhile dating a stable one job woman.