Covino & Rich— Wednesday 7\29\20

Show Topics:


  • 8:07 AM Smartest guy in the room…We’ve created the perception that Covino is the dumbest guy alive.
  • :11 AM Covino clarified his inner thoughts. There is a clear line between anxiety and dark thoughts. 
  • :18 AM Covino’s daughter wants to start a sticker business. Did you have a side hustle as a kid? Selling candy was the biggest hustle of them all. Selling stickers, chocolate or lemonade teaches kids about business. 
  • :45 AM A woman was attacked and killed by a great white shark on the East coast. This is the first fatal shark attack in Maine…The ecosystem is off right now. 


  • :14 AM Is Snoop Dogg the the originator of Deez Nuts?  
  • :17 An electric range stove seems cheap. Covino asked if the smell of gas reminds you of grandma’s cooking? Covino has a memory of his grandma’s stove blowing up while she was cooking and he watched as she flew across the kitchen.
  • :22 AM Did you know that water in the pool will completely smell different when people pee in it?
  • :25 AM Ran Dumb News: Ellen DeGeneres is being accused of being really difficult to work with…Internal investigation has left a question if Ellen’s “Be Kind” mantra is all fake. We argued that no matter what Ellen does there’s always going to be people who criticize her.
  • :56 AM Sports News: Dodgers vs. Astros game…Pat Mahomes is now part owner of Kansas City Royals.’


  • :15 AM Intern Hannah joins the show to give three “Hot Tips” on how to talk to women. 
  • :37 AM FIN: guy’s girlfriend is addicted to going live on Tik Tok. If she’s not an influencer then she’s addicted to a hobby. People seek validation from social media.