Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 7/24/19

Show Topics:

  •       HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPOT. Spot’s birthday has the guys thinking philosophically this morning. It seems like every time your birthday comes around you realize how fast time goes by, but is it possible that times seems to move faster now than it did for past generations? Is it possible that in our society we are more distracted than our parents and grandparents were, making time feel like it moves even faster than it did for them?Time flies yet the guys don’t feel old, but as they reflect on nearly two decades of memories with one another,  Kelsie the intern reminds them of just how old they are by admitting she jammed out to J.T.’s Sexy Back when she was 8.
  • ”     The Man,” Tom Brady is being parent shamed for cliff diving with his 6 year old daughter which Rich finds incredibly ridiculous. People all over the internet are shaming Brady saying he could have seriously injured his daughter due to her hesitation before the jump. Rich however, thinks that Brady made the right parenting move by making her jump, and that the daughter’s hesitation was a clear sign that she already wanted to participate. The guys argue about the line between encouragement and abusive force when it comes to helping your child face their fears. They do agree though, that parenting styles are different in every household, and it is up to the parents to instill some form of courage into their children. 
  •        Top Gun 2, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, and Bill and Ted 3. These are hands down the upcoming films that the guys are most excited for, and in that order. Top Gun is a classic, and Tom Cruise looks great for his age. Mr. Rogers is a national treasure, who is being played by another national treasure, Tom Hanks. The guys reminisce on their happy childhood experience with Mr. Rogers, and now their children’s experience with the next generation of Mr. Rogers: Daniel Tiger. This is going to be an emotional film for sure, but is is possible that it’s a Tom Hanks top 3?
  •        A couple starts to argue on a flight, when the woman suddenly gets seriously out of control. Apparently he was looking at other women. This woman snaps, yelling every curse word in the book, and ends up hurling a laptop at the man’s head, which also ended up hitting a flight attendant and other passengers. The guys agree that yes, a man can take a hit from a woman, but that its heartbreaking to see a man who is helpless while being assaulted by a woman because it isn’t acceptable to fight back. The most insulting part of this video though? The fact that the woman claims, ” I wear the nuts.” Covino admits that yeah, a woman can wear the pants and run the place… “but I wear the nuts.”
  •        Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are beefing on social media about relevancy. Mayweather takes credit for Pacquiao’s media publicity, claiming that every time Manny is publicized, the media shows pictures of him eating Floyd’s fist. Pacquiao has challenged Mayweather to MayPac 2, and Pacquiao’s trainer says it WILL happen. The guys can’t decide if this is a publicity hoax or a true potential rematch, but they do agree that this a better fight to see than today’s current, young boxers. It’s no offense to the current fighters, of course, buy MayPac is a fight that people should have seen a decade ago.