Covino & Rich— Wednesday 7\22\20

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  • 8:07 AM Starting off the show with some trending news: Trump stated incorrect information in his interview with Chris Wallace and Kanye is having a mental breakdown and is calling his mother-in-law Kris Jenner, “Kris Jong-Un.” 
  • :15 AM Houston strip club has put together a drive-thru for social distance-friendly entertainment.
  • :23 AM Rich’s meme update: How much do breasts weigh in pancake batter? If a woman has a D cup bra how much pancake mix can you make out of that? 
  • :30 AM  Covino’s “Mexican Word of the Day” is “Repercussions.”
  • :39 AM Rich asked for thoughts on gimmicky boobs. Is breast milk as good as cow’s milk? It’s crazy how a mother’s breasts get so swollen when she’s breastfeeding.
  • :00 AM Rich is going back to Texas tomorrow and is staying there for a week. He’s worried he’s going to lose his health streak.


  • :22 AM Our series on SiriusXM, ‘The Helpers’ focuses on the good things in the community in the midst of the pandemic. We interviewed a 7yr old girl yesterday who makes skin-toned crayons. Covino left feeling super awkward thinking he could’ve done more/better during the interview.
  • :34 AM Do you call out and challenge unathletic guys who think they have game or do you just let them go about their day?
  • :51 AM FIN: Michelle’s best friend has been a bad relationship for sometime now and doesn’t know how to get out of the relationship because there are kids involved…As a best friend, how does Michelle help her through this? Once you’ve mentally checked out of the relationship it’s hard to make rational decisions but you need to be on the same page.


  • :20 AM Rob Riggle joins the show talking about co-hosting the hit game show, ‘Holy Moly’ and his upcoming Netflix cartoon, ‘Hoops.’ We also talked about his love for the Kansas City Chiefs, his many friends, fly-fishing, and the importance of getting into golf.