Covino & Rich Show Recap: Wednesday 6-26-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 6/26/19

Guests: Barenaked Ladies

Show Topics:

  • Steve Howey was a guest on the show yesterday and the listeners loved it. We posted a clip of his interview on our Instagram page where he calls out several celebrities to an MMA fight, including Jason Momoa or as he likes to call it, Jason Mimosa. This Instagram post is gaining a lot of traction and it would be amazing if we were the reason this fight happened!
  • Sebastian Maniscalsco is a lifelong friend and has supported the Covino and Rich show and vice versa. Five years ago he performed at the Covino and Rich convention, and he just announced that he is hosting the VMA’s on Fallon last night.
  • 15 years ago the Notebook was released. All you macho men out there, what is your favorite chick flick? An influx of calls came in from listeners to share their favorite movies like: Love Actually, A Walk to Remember, Bridesmaids and Sleepless in Seattle. Rich claims he’s a better boyfriend than Covino, because he’s watched all of these famous chick-flicks that Covino is missing out on.
  • Sasha the intern shared some drama that happened in her life this weekend. She and her friends decided to play a drunken “Never Have I Ever” card game. They agreed to tell the truth to each card pulled and to take a shot if they had done what was written. As the night progressed and everyone began to get more drunk, they pulled a card that said, “Never Have I Ever had a three some with two dudes.” A girl at the table took a shot and her new boyfriend of six months was furious. Is honesty really the best policy?
  • BareNaked Ladies stopped in today, revealing that they rehearse naked, and have sold 15 million copies of their albums over their 30 years of being a band. The guys are from Canada and are big fans of Canadian snacks. While they love touring and performing all around the world, there’s nothing like going home and performing in front of a crowd that they know. They pull a lot of influence from hip=hot artists that they enjoyed as  kids, and are currently touring with Hootie and The Blowfish, which they call a total throwback to the 1990’s.