Covino & Rich— Wednesday 6\17\20

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  • 8:05 AM  Crazy video of a massive snail eating a carrot. Hermit crabs are a scam and horseshoe crabs and jellyfish are terrifying!
  • :10 AM Crappy news: Comedian Chris D’Elia is being accused of sexually harassing multiple underage girls.
  • :32 AM We respond to feedback from listeners who are offended about Rich’s stats on hockey. Turns out the younger generation’s interests are turning to the NBA, soccer, and hockey! 
  • :50 AM Cool news: Kevin Bacon joins us tomorrow! Covino loves Kevin Bacon but can’t stand Footloose.
  • :53 AM Covino thinks the ‘Oogachaka’ version of ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ is trash and is for muscially lame people. 


  • :34 AM Covino talked to his sister about skin regimes. She sent him a picture of skin regiments and he started getting advertisements from that particular brand. 
  • :48 AM Intern Hannah joins the show to talk about her “Hot Tips” and today’s hot. tip was on weddings. She is engaged and is attending one soon. Brides and Grooms are realizing it’s more about love than the glitz and glamour.
  • :56 AM Spot gives Hannah his advice on the best way to get married. 


  • :20 AM It’s scary how keywords are recognized through social media.
  • :27 AM Random news: The Aunt Jemima brand is acknowledging its racist past and is going to be retired. The question that was raised was whether re-branding strips away the memory of Nancy Green, who was an activist, cook and the one who promoted the trademark “Aunt Jemima.”