Covino & Rich— Wednesday 6\10\20

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  • 8:03 AM Before life went to crap, there were a few good moments of 2020 like us at The Superbowl, Wilder vs Fury fight, baby Ben was born…
  • :12 AM With the football season on the horizon, many allies have committed to standing with Black Lives, so what does this mean for the owners who invest in Trump when everyone takes a knee? What side are you on? Do you have to pick a “pile”?
  • :43 AM 21 years ago, one of our favorite moments happened, Bobby Valentine returned in disguised!
  • :59 AM Where were you in 1999?
  • :01 AM Ran Dumb News: Korea put stuffed animals in the seats, Ireland is taking donations for peoples faces to be in their empty stands.


  • :27 AM Almost all American men bet of sports once a week. Sports bettors may be a driving force behind the stock market surge.
  • :47 AM Ran Dumb News: Sex scenes in Hollywood movies to be done with CGI to avoid coronavirus spread; Florida offers drive through botox; First teaser for Bill & Ted Face the Music drops, is most excellent; A treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains for a decade has finally been found.


  • :19 AM Rich’s wife is the MVP for her daily duties with the kids, and the stress levels are starting to peak, for both, so why not go visit TX early?
  • :26 AM Rich hates when people give parenting advice, but we have a friend in need who is deeply asking for help as he prepares to be a dad..
  • :41 AM Spot is in so much pain that he needs an ice pack, he also goes to therapy as he is in pain often. Speaking of Spot, does it looks like he has gained weight?
  • :47 AM The cast of Vanderpump Rules and CEO of CrossFit are cancelled because of insensitive and racist comments of the past…