Covino & Rich— Wednesday 5\20\20

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  • 8:05 AM We are changing the show name to ‘Call Him Mama’ … but not really, but kind of.
  • :09 AM Speaking of ‘Call Him Mama,’ it puts our minds in the gutter, do you like to be choked or choke women in the bedroom? Do you participate in any dirty talk? Rich seems to be the only one who enjoys a choke… Also, remember that time Spot slapped Rich?
  • :48 AM As a grown man, what vitamins do you take?
  • :04 AM If you had to pick one, what couple has the most mass sex appeal?


  • :25 AM Rich has a fun game, to give yourself a point for this list of things you haven’t done, guess who the winner was…
  • :36 AM Ran Dumb News: Sia adopts two 18 year old’s; Georgia mailman gets Tony Hawk to send video and skateboard to young boy.
  • :52 AM Cowboys owner Jerry Jones offered LeBron James a contract to play in the NFL… can you imagine that?


  • :10 AM Reports are saying that Vitamin D helps lower the risk of COVID-19, so we explore that conversation. It was also interesting to read that virus’ don’t live on things that much, you get COVID through more person to person.
  • :36 AM Those graduating from college must be having a tough time, because the four year degree isn’t what it was and now it’ll be even harder to find a job.
  • :48 AM For those people working at home, how will taking a vacation work?