Covino & Rich— Wednesday 4\8\20

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  • 8:05 AM Covino gives props to other shows as if this is an old school radio show and we admire that about him, but it turns into a debate with Rich Davis.
  • :14 AM Tom Brady makes a special appearance on the Stern show.
  • :22 AM Dana White is risking it all by continuing on with the upcoming UFC fight. Are people going to pay for this during this tough time?
  • :34 AM Bernie Sanders drops out of the presidential race. Some would say Andrew Cuomo would be a great candidate, but is it too late?
  • :59 AM What is the ticket that would beat trump out of office?


  • :14 AM Many people are cooking more now, what’s your cooking process and are recipe’s needed…
  • :22 AM For those folks that get dressed to go to work and do exactly what they are doing from home, will they opt to stay home…
  • :25 AM Spot said goodbye to his car recently and has no desire to get another one, because we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
  • :30 AM What is beauty to you? How specific are you in the physical things you’re attracted to on women: boobs, armpit hair, legs etc.
  • :52 AM With NFL coming back soon, logos and uniforms are changing and the general publics “go-to” reaction is to hate.
  • :10 AM What would you think your life stats would be: number of times you’ve had sex, highest paid year etc.


  • :29 AM What are you watching on TV: “Dave,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Modern Family.”
  • :34 AM Covino was suffering from bubble guts while his girlfriend was on his stomach :/
  • :48 AM The Gotham Steel pan is a great item, but it doesn’t last long because it’s $20.
  • :50 AM Jameis Winston feels honored to be replaced with Tom Brady