Covino & Rich— Wednesday 4\22\20

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  • 8:00 AM The best news outside of Corona is the NFL draft, those that don’t even care will watch just to have something new to do. Rob Gronkowski returning to NFL, reuniting with Tom Brady after Patriots, Buccaneers pull off shocking trade (:13 AM).
  • :30 AM What is Jordyn up to Covino? Baking and video games and being a good sport dealing with him… a conversation about they both are perfectionist. She is having to listen to him do his music show daily and it’s very awkward for him and Rich agrees (:37 AM).
  • :53 AM Social Media is a full time job as Covino was responding to Facebook messages from over a decade ago.
  • :15 AM Covino, do you wonder what your children with Jordyn will look like? And if you decide that you don’t want kids, how do you let her free?


  • :31 AM What has the quarantine taught you? Covino: Thankfulness | Spot: To be more active | Rich: Social economics and needing a house
  • :40 AM There was a survey done that said that overweight women do not like overweight men…
  • :59 AM If you had 100 percentage control of where you could be living, where would that be?


  • :17 AM How do you spice up or sustain the romance during a quarantine… one guy knows how.
  • :22 AM What Covino did for his girlfriend’s birthday recently and how lame he felt once she told her mom he “serenaded” her.
  • Ran Dumb News: Chug Plug Buddy, moms drinking overload, Spot promises to recreate a nude photo, and the pillow challenge is trending.