Covino & Rich— Wednesday 4\15\20

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  • 8:05 AM Today was supposed to be tax day, and Covino spent time going over his while annoying the tax lady because he owes way too much!
  • :15 AM Last night we had a good and chaotic time at our zoom party with the CARLS.
  • :37 AM Emmy kept distracting papa Rich while working, but toddlers can’t wrap their head around their parents working at home…
  • :52 AM Gwen Stephani gives Blake Shelton a haircut, and he looks like Joe Exotic?


  • 9:08 AM Dennis Quaid zoom’s in to talk his latest project with podcast, his quarantine experience, postponing the wedding, music and more..
  • 9:45 AM Reminiscing on the Superbowl, there’s a headline out that states that the 49ers losing the Superbowl may have saved thousands of lives because the bay is a quarantine target area and the parade wouldn’t have helped.
  • :57 AM A game of, is this racist: Covino listening to a Chilli Peppers song and they mimic speaking Chinese…


  • 10:20 AM What’s your thoughts on the cities having different release dates on getting back to normal ?
  • :25 AM Some are saying we are going to social distance until 2022 and that’s crazy! This is ruining society. It will be hard to jump back into it all… we’re take your calls!
  • :33 AM Are you assuming the kids will be back to school in September? The vaccine is expected to be here in 8 months…