Covino & Rich— Wednesday 4\1\20

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  • 8:10 AM Waking up singing random tunes due to boredom. Covino’s latest song on repeat, “You’ll Never Find” by Lou Rawls
  • :14 AM What’s your bandwidth? Now that we have a more clear schedule…
  • :28 AM Back to the thought we left yesterday’s show on, how we are all in different stages of life.
  • :35 AM Rich finally watched the film “Selena” and here is his review: JLO looks better, JLO started the booty trend, and who the breakout star was.
  • :52 AM The lady who killed Selena is up for parole in five years, will she be free?
  • :58 AM What phrase are you tired of hearing of during the quarantine?
  • :00 AM Have you ever told your friend something and they repeat it 10 minutes later, as if it’s new information… that is Rich Davis


  • :22 AM If a man can master patience, he can master anything… Rich pledges to work on his.
  • :33 AM Hearing throwback songs from the 90s have been triggering lots of emotions within Covino. With so much time on our hands, it’s easy to think about nostalgic moments.
  • :46 AM What is your theory on who the real ring leader was in the Tiger King doc. Have you heard that Kim and Kanye are trying to get Joe out of jail?
  • :56 AM Carole Baskin wrote an article about the doc. on how she was portrayed in a negative light.


  • :11 AM Drew Mac (friend of the show) hit us up with random thoughts about Apple TV, TV host broadcasting at home without laugh tracks is a bore, biggest shock of 2020 etc.
  • :35 AM The proper showering technique
  • :44 AM Andrew Cuomo has nipple piercings?
  • :50 AM Rich now has an at home workout set up.