Covino & Rich— Wednesday 3\4\20

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  • 8:05 AM Covino isn’t in the best mood and is relying on Rich to uplift his mood with a song. Groove Line gives him the feels.
  • :09 AM Covino’s brother is angry with him as he interviewed Chicharito and didn’t get him a personal shout-out as he is a big fan!Baby brother is most likely mad because Rich got his sister a shout-out video from David Beckham. Do you feel the pressure to do these things for family?
  • :24 AM Rich’s story about getting Covino’s cousin into a meet and greet with One Direction and it went wrong as she had a meltdown…
  • :31 AM Shaq’s hairline is going viral
  • :35 AM What’s worse, a white guys toupee or a black guys drawn in hairline?
  • The transformation of hair with our favorite celebs and how we would react to hair loss and diving into how important a transplant can be..


  • 9:18 AM The coronavirus update and how LA is now under state of emergency. Rich disinfects himself each day when getting home for the new baby…
  • :20 AM Covino officially cancelled his flight. Spot is yelling about how germs are everywhere (:32 AM). Every scient are on their toes to crack the code (:39 AM).
  • Spot points out the fact that Rich has been fear mongering


  • :11 AM Covino has a real life friend who is struggling because his mother-in-law moved in and has started taking over by placing her annoying sons photo’s around their house. (This conversation is the entire hour)
  • Rich’s mother-in-law is staying with him for months because of the new baby
  • Covino’s girlfriends mom is visiting soon and he will be the nicest guy alive!